Project Inspection Coordinator

Project Inspection Coordinator


= to ensure that inspection and testing of the goods at Supplier premises are in compliance with
applicable specifications, standards, codes and regulation.

to report to Package Support & Inspection Manager for matters related to the organization of
the inspection activities, technical matters and allocation of resources.

+ to report to the Project Procurement Manager for the matters reiated to the organization ofthe
inspection activities within the Project (coordination, planning, reporting),

to participate in the set up cf package inspection levels and Inspection Matrix , to log inspection
data in NADIA with the help of Inspection Assistants, to liaise with the Certifying Authority and Client
for their involvement in the inspection process,

to review the Suppliers Inspection Test Plans (ITPs), ensure timely review and approval bythe
Project team prior to manufacturing. and hold Pre-Inspection Meeting (PIM)

to assign Inspectors to Purchase Orders, issue and manage the Work Orders for Agency
inspectors, arrange the inspection visit with the Inspector and all potential attendees upon receipt of
the Vendor inspection Notification,

+10 ensure that the Inspectors have the appropriate documentation and have been briefed by the
Package Manager,

to distribute periodicatiy the updated Vendor Inspection Plan (VIP) informing the Project team and
Client (if required) about the status of project inspections,

to ensure that ITPs are properly implemented and marked-up by the InspectorsI

to get inspection reports and inspection release certificates (IRC), review and distribute.

to ensure that Non Conformance Reports (NCR) and Outstanding Work Lists (OWL) are closed prior to shipment.